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B.M.C. – The Company

B.M.C. Audio was founded in by a team of dedicated designers and managers who brought decades of technical and musical experience to their desire to develop for sophisticated music lovers components that are exceptional in both performance and design. Starting from a base of innovative high-end audio technology, the B.M.C. Audio team conducted extensive research into the impact of electronic circuitry on music reproduction. The result: a rapidly growing reputation within the audiophile community.

B.M.C. believes in thinking outside the box, especially to fulfill its goal of delivering lifelike, you-are-there musical experiences.

B.M.C. is driven by its pursuit of the purest sound and the most direct way to achieve it. Its designers and engineers believe superior audio equipment requires innovation in the same way the best artists and musicians require creativity.

"My immediate impression, and one that persisted as I listened, was that the system presented more of the music and less of everything else."
Marc Mickelson, Editor, The Audio Beat, on his Blog.

Listeners using B.M.C. components will also hear more of the music and less of everything else. Our equipment represents the sum of decades of experience, of extensive research and development, of earned moments of inspiration, and of the discipline to consistently and wisely apply what we learn. 

Carlos Candeias and his team formerly designed and produced (also for OEM) very high grade audio components for renowned brands, and gathered a lot of international acknowledgement from music lovers and audio press.
Based on this background the idea of realising new concepts by forming this team came up. Thus B.M.C. company was founded, in order to realise exceptional components with an elegant look, and with the flexibility and future options of a modular design, for the individual music lover.

Elegant Models with an Individual Note

High-End audio components, in some cases with individual configurations, with a modular design that opens the door for future updates, targeting the traditional High-End audio fan. Modular sets with technical state-of-the-art grade also offer ambitious designers a chance to realise their appearance ideas with top-end technology and sound quality.

B.M.C. stands for stirring sound quality based on exceptional and innovative technology, which, combined with elegant appearance and fair price, sets a refreshing note within the High-End audio world.