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History of WSS Cable

In 1978 Konrad Wächter decided to leave his leading position as a head of the special cable production department at a well known cable company in the Stuttgart area to start up his own business “Kabel Wächter GmbH” in Filderstadt.

Konrad Wächter guided his company with innovative developments in the industrial cable sector to a successful enterprise. In this field of special flexible cables for machine tool manufacturer, in particular the development of the material PELON, a registered trade mark of the “Kabel Wächter GmbH” his company achieved a leading position in the German market.

After Fifteen years he sold his business to the Twentsche cables holding to commit himself with more social responsibilities and tasks.

The company “Kabel Wächter GmbH” under the new management with Jürgen Neumann is still a successful enterprise in the area of special circuits and cables.

Konrad Wächter noticed rapidly, that a life without cables was not made for him.

He started an engineer's office (WSS), which was converted in the year 2002 into the WiSoSys GmbH. Under the label wire@sound system, Konrad Wächter dedicated himself to its hobby “music”.

What could be closer to music than an optimal cable connection and the transmission of sound signals?

“High-end” ( the magic word )

More than three decades of experience within the range of the cable technology and the entrance to most modern development and production methods are the basics for the development of cables for electro acoustics use.

The joy at music used to be the Center of his attention.

Konrad Wächter’s goal was and will be always the same.

Under the given condition, that cables for an optimal music transmission are developed, manufactured and sold for a reliable price.

Whether classical high-end to stereo, current multi-channel technology or high-quality home cinema - there are at the end again the connecting cables, which indicate at last „the good tone“ in the transmission chain.

Under these circumstances the cable series are developed with extra hours, samples and innumerable hearing sessions.


Our engagement towards all fastidious music listeners will always be the pillar of highest quality standards in development and manufacturing, best price/achievement relationship and maximum customer proximity regarding consultation and support.

Under these conditions we wish to all an interesting time with our products.